Fun Pole Fitness

Fun Pole Fitness is a group fitness experience where you will have fun while you get stronger dancing and moving with a pole. Pole dancing is the most fun you can have while building your confidence, strength, flexibility and self-esteem. Classes at Fun Pole Fitness are a blend of creative movement, strength-training, and... FUN of course! It’s a workout that you will enjoy as much as girls’ night out!

NO experience is necessary. As a matter of fact, most of my students have never touched a pole before. So don’t feel intimidated–anyone can do this no matter what your fitness level, dance ability, or confidence level. We have beginner classes that repeat the same moves each time you take the class (Intro to Pole Dance), so if you’re not comfortable lifting yourself off the floor, you can take the class again and again until you are comfortable with the moves. And you WILL be doing tricks in no time! More advanced classes have new choreography every time to challenge you and keep you interested.

Fun Pole Fitness Instructors

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Marie Davidson

Marie Davidson
Owner and Instructor
Marie Davidson, the owner of Fun Pole Fitness. I have always been interested in fitness and nutrition. Seven years ago I decided rather than just take group fitness... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Lorena

Lorena Romero-Cabra
Hi, my name is Lorena Romero-Cabra! My background includes a lifetime of dance training & performing, from classical ballet & jazz, to ballroom… read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Jessica Gilmore

Jessica Gilmore
Jessica really enjoys mixing her modern/contemporary style into her classes. “Pole dancing has changed my life, I’ve built more confidence, it has brought amazing friends into my life and it is the best workout I’ve ever gotten!” read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Mitchy Roman

Mitchy Roman
Hola, I’m Mitchy. In 2011, as an activity on my bucket-list, I decided to take a pole fitness class. I instantly fell in love... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Jess Boltz

Jess Boltz
Hey ladies and gents! My name is Jess and I'm excited to be a part of the Fun Pole Fitness family! I've always been a fan of... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Alex Dunn

Alex Dunn
Hi my name is Alex and I can't wait to share the world of pole fitness with you! I have always considered myself an athlete... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Hannah Denham

Hannah Denham
Hanna Denham is a Hand Balancing Contortionist. She started her journey with the passion to pour herself into her art entirely... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Jessica Ordon

Jessica Ordon
Jessica has been performing since the age of 14, when she quit her softball team for the opportunity to kiss her crush in the fall drama club production... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Videos

Bachelorette Party Video | clip: 1:36

Fun Pole Fitness | clip: 2:03

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