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Jan 2018 Newsletter

Jan 2018 Newsletter

Fun Pole Fitness Class SKILL LEVELS!


  • NOTE: Any class can be a workout for any level, so a higher level dancer may feel free to attend a lower level class. The following levels describe the movements that will be taught in those assigned classes and are adapted from the Pole Sport Organization’s 2014 guidelines ( If you are unsure of what levels you are able to take, consult Marie at (858-232-4047). Please see class descriptions for specific info on each class regarding whether the class involves choreo, spins and/or tricks and if it is on spinning or static pole.
  • Level 1:This is the appropriate level for the brand new pole dancer. Dancers at this level learn to engage in floor work, dance, spinning moves, and climbs. Inverting is taught at this level from the floor in classes that include tricks. Level 1 uses static poles only.
  • Level 2: Dancers at this level learn to invert from the floor slowly and with control. Spins and tricks on static poles, floor work, dance, and upright moves on spinning pole are taught in this level. In all inverted moves, dancers maintain a minimum of three points of contact with the pole.
  • Level 3: Pole dancers at this level learn to do aerial inverts by bringing the hips above the shoulders in a smooth and controlled motion. Dancers at this level will learn any inversions that maintain three points of contact with the pole while inverted. Level 3 use both spinning and static poles.
  • Level 4:This is the appropriate level for the most advanced pole dancer. Dancers at this level have successfully completed tricks in Level 3 and are ready to learn drops, hand springs, Ayesha in all 5 grips, spins and inverted trick combos on spinning and static poles.

  • Fun Pole Fitness Monthly Special!

    Monthly Special--8 classes for $150*

    *Must use all classes within 4 weeks of 1st class. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    Once a Week Special Package!

    5 classes for $99!*

    *Must use all classes within 4 weeks of 1st class. No exceptions!

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