We've been in the Northpark neighborhood of San Diego since 2009. Our address is: 2828 University Ave, cross street is Utah, just 1/2 block from the Northpark sign.

This page has lots of information about classes--like which one you should start with, how much classes cost, where to park, and what to expect. Please read through the whole page before signing up for classes.

    Fun Pole Fitness CLASSS SKILL LEVELS

  • NOTE: Any class can be a workout for any level, so a higher level dancer may feel free to attend a lower level class. The following levels describe the movements that will be taught in those assigned classes and are adapted from the Pole Sport Organization’s 2014 guidelines (polesportorganization.com). If you are unsure of what levels you are able to take, consult Marie at (858-232-4047). Please see class descriptions for specific info on each class regarding whether the class involves choreo, spins and/or tricks and if it is on spinning or static pole.
  • Level 1This is the appropriate level for the brand new pole dancer. Dancers at this level learn to engage in floor work, dance, spinning moves, and climbs. Inverting is taught at this level from the floor in classes that include tricks. Level 1 uses static poles only.
  • Level 2 Dancers at this level learn to invert from the floor slowly and with control. Spins and tricks on static poles, floor work, dance, and upright moves on spinning pole are taught in this level. In all inverted moves, dancers maintain a minimum of three points of contact with the pole.
  • Level 3 Pole dancers at this level learn to do aerial inverts by bringing the hips above the shoulders in a smooth and controlled motion. Dancers at this level will learn any inversions that maintain three points of contact with the pole while inverted. Level 3 use both spinning and static poles.
  • Level 4This is the appropriate level for the most advanced pole dancer. Dancers at this level have successfully completed tricks in Level 3 and are ready to learn drops, hand springs, Ayesha in all 5 grips, spins and inverted trick combos on spinning and static poles.

What is a Girls’ Night Out Party?

Girls’ night out is a time for the girls to have fun, with no pressure --just fun! This is a popular option for birthday and bachelorette parties, but you can have a party for any reason! You get the whole studio to yourselves for $280 for 8 girls for 1 hour instruction ($35/ additional person). This price includes having you arrive a few minutes early to greet each other, and includes a few minutes after class for using the changing rooms and stretching. Cost for 6-7 people is $40 per person, for 5 it is $45 per person for 4 or fewer it is $200 flat fee. If you have more than 16 people we add studio time at no additional charge. Additional half hour for $15/person for 8 or more, $20/person for 5-7. Cost includes one FPF tank top and tiara for the bachelorette or birthday girl, and FREE shoe rental for everyone (normally $5 shoe rental)! You can learn a pole dance routine or lap dance, or both (although we do advise adding extra time if you want to do both). We have two dressing rooms and a bathroom and free parking behind the studio (see parking info below). We close all the blinds, turn down the lights and turn up the A/C! Call to save the day and time you want now--858-232-4047.

What is the cost? All classes are the same price. Click on the class schedule tab above to sign up! (Please Note: Packages may not be shared. You must give 6 hours cancellation notice or you will lose your class.)

  • *NOTE: New pricing structure starts Feb 15, 2019. You may buy a single class or packages or monthly contracts. Packages and Contracts may NOT be shared. Package pricing is:
  • 1 Class for $35(Expires in 3 months. If you want to try 1 class, you can apply your $35 toward a package, you just have to pay the difference within 24 hours of your first class!)
  • 5 Classes for $125--$25 per class (*Classes expire in 3 months)
  • 8 Classes for $180--$22.50 per class (*Classes expire in 3 months)
  • 15 Classes for $300--$20 per class (*Classes expire in 9 months)
  • Contract pricing is found in the online store under the contracts tab--you must purchase through the MindBody website, contracts can't be purchased on the app. The contracts require 6 months of autodebit and 30 days notice to cancel AFTER your 6 months contract has been fulfilled. There is an early termination fee.
  • 5 Class contract for 5 Classes each month for $100/month--6 month minimum, must use all classes in the month or forfeit them $20/class
  • 8 Class contract for 8 Classes each month for $150/month--6 month minimum, must use all classes in the month or forteit them $18.75/class
  • 12 Class contract for 12 classes each month for $180/month--6 month minimum, must use all classes in the month or forfeit them $15/class

Who can come to classes?

Fun Pole Fitness classes are open to anyone age 18 and over, of all sizes, shapes, genders and fitness levels (yes, guys are welcome!). Classes are taught so that everyone is successful, no matter what your fitness level.

What can I expect in a class?

Fun Pole Fitness classes begin with a warm-up and end with a cool down like traditional fitness and dance classes, and in between you will learn some fun choreo and spins or tricks on the pole! We will teach you to use the pole safely, but in tricks classes you may get some bruising in areas that press against the pole, like inner thighs and shins. Bring water (you can purchase refills for $1) and a towel (we have alcohol for cleaning the poles) and be ready for a fun workout!

Which class should I start with?

Please check our Skill Levels (listed at the top of this page) for info on what skills are taught at each level.

We recommend everyone start with Intro to Pole Dance (you can take Intro I and II in any order, and you must pass both before moving on to level 2 choreo) if you want to learn choreography and spins and Beginning Tricks if you want to learn tricks like climbing the pole and inverting (Yes—you can learn how to go upside down on the pole!). Intro I and II are equal, but different, and you can take either first. In Intro to Pole Dance classes and Beginning Tricks classes we break down the spins and tricks and teach safety that you will use in all the intermediate and advanced classes. These classes are for beginners who have never taken a pole dance class, but even if you have taken a class somewhere else we usually still recommend taking these first because of our emphasis on safety and learning the break downs of the spins and tricks. Because we want you to be successful in our Intermediate and Advanced classes, Intro I and Intro II are both required before moving to Intermediate Choreography or Just Spins. Some additional classes beginners may take are: Exotic Pole L1, Booty (learn to Twerk!), Chair Dance, and Vertical Barre--which is a great strength building class! Remember—you get your own pole for the whole class, so you will get a workout, even if you already know some of the moves! Feel free to call Marie if you think you may be ready to start at a more advanced level (sometimes we make exceptions) or if you have any questions: 858-232-4047.

Which class should I take next?

Please check our Skill Levels (listed at the top of this page) for info on what skills are taught at each level.

Intro I and Intro II are required before moving on to Intermediate Pole Choreo classes. Intro I and II are equal, but different, and you can take either first. The Intro classes are not assigned I or II until someone who needs I or II signs up. So if you see Intro to Pole Dance, without a I or II, sign up for it and email Marie (Marie@funpolefitness.com) which you need it to be (info@funpolefitness.com). You are welcome to take any of the classes that don’t have pre-reqs anytime: Exotic Pole L1, Chair Dance, Vertical Barre (a boot camp like class), Booty (Twerking!), and anything else that has L1 in the title.

Intro to Pole Dance and Beginning Tricks are 2 different tracks of classes, and by the time you're Advanced, you will be putting choreography, spins and tricks together! So that you are successful in all the classes be sure to take Intro I and II before Just Spins and Intermediate Pole with Choreography, and be sure to take Beginning Tricks before Intermediate Tricks, and Intermediate Tricks before Intermediate/Advanced or Advanced Tricks. Feel free to call if you have any questions! 858-232-4047.

Am I too old or young?

Anyone any age over 18 are welcome. Our classes are full of camaraderie and encouragement among students, and you will feel welcome no matter what your age.

What should I wear to classes?

Short-shorts and tank tops are what we wear for Pole Dance classes. Clothing slides off the pole, so if you want to stick, the more skin showing the more successful you will be! For Intro to Pole Dance classes you may wear workout or yoga pants until you’re ready to do more advanced moves, but for Beginning Tricks you MUST wear short-shorts to do the tricks (or you will be standing around watching the rest of the class). For advanced classes and ALL tricks classes (even Beginning Tricks) you must wear short-shorts and a tank top, as skin contact (arms, shoulders, inner thighs and legs) with the pole is needed. We sell Fun Pole Fitness tank tops at the studio ($15 plus tax) and Mika pole shorts ($42 plus tax), www.mikayogawear.com). We also recommend leg warmers or knee pads for the floorwork/booty/exotic classes to protect your knees (we also sell these in studio and have some to borrow).

What about shoes?

We recommend you wear the stiletto heels from your very first Intro to Pole Dance class! (We go barefoot in most tricks classes). The platform heels are part of the FUN! We have the stiletto heels in the studio and they are FREE to borrow for your first class! After that we rent them for $5, which goes toward buying a pair if you chose to buy from us. To pick out shoes to buy, go to www.EllieShoes.com, and email Marie (Marie@funpolefitness.com) the shoes you are interested in and I will email you back the price.

What are the rules?

You are required to pre-pay and register for class before you come to the studio, by going to our online scheduling site and prepaying and pre-registering (click class schedule above for the link). You will be required to sign up and pay on your phone if you show up without a paid reservation, and the class may be full or cancelled if you have not set up your reservation. Please give 6 hours notice when cancelling, or you will lose the class. There are no refunds for class purchases.

All students must complete a liability waiver when you come to your first class. Our insurance requires this.

Please do not apply moisturizer, oil, lotion or tanning lotion to your hands, arms or legs on the morning of class. Please wash your hands when you first arrive at the studio.

How many people in class?

All pole fitness classes will have a maximum of 10 students per class, so that everyone gets their own pole for the entire class!

How many poles do you have in the studio?

At our studio we will have 11 poles--10 for students and one for the instructor. And only 10 students per class--so you get your own pole for the whole class! All our poles are either chrome or stainless steel 45mm X-pole XPERTs.

What group fitness and pole dancing qualifications do you have?

Marie Davidson is certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer (since February 2004), and has current CPR certification. She is also certified as a Pole Dance Instructor by Pole Position Fitness in Long Beach, CA (www.PolePositionFitness.com) and by Crunch's X-Pert Pole Fitness (www.XPertPoleFitness.com). Other instructors have had extensive training with elite pole dance instructors and all have CPR training. Pole Position Fitness' certification and the X-Pert certification are both approved by the American Council on Exercise. These programs, and all our classes, incorporate the fitness, safety and alignment guidelines set forth by the American College of Sports Medicine. By incorporating these guidelines into all of our classes, we help our participants prevent bruises and unnecessary shoulder and elbow injuries commonly experienced in pole dancing.

Is it safe?

All classes are taught according to ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine, http://www.acsm.org/) guidelines for safe fitness classes, with a warm-up, cool down and stretch. If anything hurts, let your instructor know immediately. You will probably be a little sore after the first few classes, but as you work your arms and core in pole dancing, you will be amazed how quickly you get stronger!

Where is the studio located and is there parking?

Fun Pole Fitness is at 2828 University Avenue #105 in the North Park area of San Diego (North-West corner at Utah). There is some street parking, and we also have parking in the back of our building (Utah Street side of building, if gate is closed please come in to studio to get gate opener). Please park in Fun Pole Fitness spots, 44, 45, 46, unreserved spots, 40, 41, 56, 57. Please do not park in other reserved spots.

Fun Pole Fitness also offers the following services:

  • Bachelorette and Birthday parties
  • Girls’ nights out
  • One-on-One or Group lessons for you and your friends
  • Booty/Twerking
  • Lap Dance
  • Traditional Fitness and Personal Training
  • Gift Certificates

We are always open to new challenges and ideas. If you don't see something on the list, call Marie to discuss the possibilities: 858-232-4047.

Fun Pole Fitness Instructors

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Marie Davidson

Marie Davidson
Owner and Instructor
Marie Davidson, the owner of Fun Pole Fitness. I have always been interested in fitness and nutrition. Seven years ago I decided rather than just take group fitness... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Jessica Gilmore

Jessica Gilmore
Jessica really enjoys mixing her modern/contemporary style into her classes. “Pole dancing has changed my life, I’ve built more confidence, it has brought amazing friends into my life and it is the best workout I’ve ever gotten!” read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Mitchy Roman

Mitchy Roman
Hola, I’m Mitchy. In 2011, as an activity on my bucket-list, I decided to take a pole fitness class. I instantly fell in love... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Jess Boltz

Jess Boltz
Hey ladies and gents! My name is Jess and I'm excited to be a part of the Fun Pole Fitness family! I've always been a fan of... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Alex Dunn

Alex Dunn
Hi my name is Alex and I can't wait to share the world of pole fitness with you! I have always considered myself an athlete... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Jessica Ordon

Jessica Ordon
Jessica has been performing since the age of 14, when she quit her softball team for the opportunity to kiss her crush in the fall drama club production... read more

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